Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of my cousins who is flying in today from South America is determined to look for that famed underwear vending machine in god-knows-where. My gut instinct tells me it is to be found in Shinjuku. But then again, who needs that when you have this? Who knows what the story is behind this. But I saw it on my way home from work in the neighborhood mall, bicycle parking area. People of course did their mini little jump, twist around and jumped again to overreact to what they saw. But I just whipped out my phone and snapped a picture. Brilliant.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Approaching Halloween '08

OK so I usually don't give that much of a rat's ass when it comes to halloween but since we have a week off from work and an action packed weekend ahead of us, I decided to dive into the spirit of halloween. We bought a 20 pound pumpkin from the local flower store yesterday for ten stones. I actually hope we could carve it into a kitty home for Dahlia. I of course, will be a flapper from the roarin' 20s and M will be Captain Hat.

Here is a fun animal montage:

Pet Kotatsu

I guess I totally know what to get my cats for xxx'mas this year! The totally awesome Pet Dream Kotatsu! Deluxe version, can you imagine!?!? This means, I get to sit down and spread my legs under the kotatsu much more comfortably and not share any of the heat in winter that I call brutal. This also means a step closer to independence for my kitties.

Now, that would be the case if I believed in giving xxx'mas presents to pets.

Associations in Japan #1

One of the few things that intrigue me about Japan are the associations they have here. From the Trader's Association, to the Western Clothing Association, and to the Accordion Association down the street; you name it, they've sure got it! Today I wish to write about the Japan Toilet Association.

In IHT today was a story about how the Japan Toilet Association is going around schools teaching children about passing motion. These kids are taking poop classes, by a 38 year old dude also known as the "Poop Prince". To them, "glittering poop" means healthy feces and the secret to passing "glittering" stools: drink a glass of water in the morning to wake up the intestines, eat breakfast and exercise. He also teaches about eating bananas, natto fermented soy beans and other fiber-rich food.

Their website boasts information such as "unchi" (shyt) calender, Children's Unchi Information 2007, and a Disaster Toilet Information Network link. And don't forget, November 11th is Toilet Day! I know it all seems rather silly at first but I think it's pretty rad!

Monday, October 27, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like

# 98 White Ninja

I am not a big fan of comics. I don't have anything personal against it but I'm just not too interested in it. Growing up, I only remember buying and reading regular comics like Archie, Mad Magazine, and Gila-Gila. Nonetheless, after being welcomed into the adult world, I started to read and truly enjoy White Ninja.   Plus I am glad that I managed to get M into it too especially since we have completely different humor styles. This one will add the oregano into our marriage.

Butt Crack Detector

So reading one of my favorite blogs izreloaded, I came across his post which talks about the butt crack detector. It is a hip pack that you can wear and it vibrates when your butt crack is exposed. A photoresistor to light is exposed and it triggers a motor to start vibrating to warn you of your semi-indecent exposure. I'm sure we've all experienced this moment at least once, while others have experienced the embarrassing moments of having a picture of our butt cracks taken. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Way To Learn A Language

My tried and tested method. 


Here's a pretty cool work of art, in the making, turning Phil Knight (of Nike) into a moviemaker. Set behind the anonymous walls of Hillsboro where animators hunch over miniscule dolls on sets, manipulating figures frame-by-frame that produces a few seconds of footage in a full day's worth of work. It is adapted from a popular book by Neil Gaiman. 

Friday, October 24, 2008


At this week's Eiken grading session, we came across a bunch of crazy names. Total funniness.

1. 大根 さらだ
[Daikon]- Read as: Oone. Sarada.
Radish Salad.

2. 満子
 Read as: ??? wtf!

Finally, some of you might have already seen this. But here is the ID card of this Singaporean/Javanese kid who was arrested.

Batman Bin Suparman
Batman son of Superman???

Virtual Reality

I heard a piece o' crazy news today. So a 43 year old woman was jailed for "killing" her virtual husband. Apparently she was suddenly divorced without any reason and she was so enraged that she broke into his account, and killed his digital persona. The interactive game is called "Maple Story". Intrigued I am.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This halloween, I plan on taking the visitors to a Vice/Numbers party at Colors Studio to party with DJ POLStyle, Dre Skull, Roger Yamaha, DJ Family, 他. Anyways, I've been reading Vice Magazine for a bit now and today I read about something totally rad. It's an interview about a 74-year old porn star! His name is Shigeo Tokuda and he is the pussy master, who talks about his ancient cock.

Read here.

Anyways, it's a good lineup on the 31st, so come and party with us!

100 Stuff Me Like


Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H.Lawrence

A controversial book due to its sexual content. Published secretly in Florence in 1928, in London in 1932 and finally in America in 1959. Lawrence's last novel. It is the story of Connie, Constance Reid, who marries Sir Clifford Chatterley in 1917. He becomes wounded in the war and is confined to a wheelchair permanently. She has an extremely passionate affair with with Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper of their estate. The story reveal that sexual relationship is the most profound. However, we tend to treat it lightly or with shame, just like how the young and the old take it to be.

A good read, and a good watch.
And of course, part of my love for the 1920s.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like

So since I find it hard to blog regularly, I figured I should do some sort of a numbered thing, and start off easy; with things that I like. So here it begins. It is not in any order!


Lun*na Menoh.
A Japanese born Renaissance artist currently living in LA. She works with fashion, fabric, performance, paintings, and even music. She is an awesome multi-disciplinary artist. Her recent music gig is Seksu Roba with Korean producer Sukho Lee. Anyway, check her out. She's cool.

Recent Muzak!

So I feel like I've been a hermit that's been finding shelter in a coconut for the past six months or so. First of all, I find out that M.I.A. is engaged and that she's like what, five months pregnant???
Apparently her fiance' is Benjamin Brewer of The Exit, who is also the son of Warner Music CEO!

And then what? Then I find out that Kid Sister is actually dating A-Trak. Is really old news? That's actually quite exciting for me though.

Anyway I figured when M.I.A. becomes M.I.A., I'd dance to Jahcoozi. I so can't wait to see what M.I.A. will be wearing at her wedding, and what baby M.I.A. would rock up in!

Pepsi White?

No kidding. This what what I saw at the 7-11 near STEP today. PEPSI WHITE: Pepsi & Yoghurt Flavor. Anyone wanna give it a try?