Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Lion City

Am in Sing-a-f-ing-pura!!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

BBQ Ketchup & Kulcha

I guess I took it for granted the fact that bbqs were the same all over the world.
when you say bbq, I imagine burger patties, huge snausages, steak, wings, corn on the cob, sauce, music, fans, booze, so on and so forth, la dee da dee da. Anyways that is why I marinated the wings and the drumsticks over night, I made sauce, and brought pie. They were fantastic.

Unfortunately to my dismay, there were a bunch of douche-bags. Somehow I'm on this really lame streak of meeting d-bags this past month and I'm totally hating people, and so over meeting new ones. Anyways, the first d-bag was just rude. M asked him if the drumsticks on his side of the grill were ready. He answers, "No, not yet..." (These btw, fyi, were the drumsticks I marinated with my own rosemary from my own friggin' garden). D-bag #1 then swoops his tongs in and sweeps away the drumsticks onto his paper plate and totally serves em' all to his bunch of d-bag friends!!! How f-ing rude is that? I should have squirted my spicy apricot bbq sauce into his slanted eyeballs.

Then comes schmuck #2. Some of my wings were served on the main table and I try to explain to d-bag 2 that they don't have to pour mad J-sauce all over them wings because they are already marinated. He says, "Maybe." And I'm like, "What? I'm telling you, they're marinated." D-bag's like, "I don't know. I don't think so." And I give him my I-look-down-on-you-so-bad-and-want-to-twist-your-balls-up-your-asshole laugh and exclaim with my best smile of irony, "I'm not asking you anything. I'm telling you I MARINATED THEM OVERNIGHT. SO DON'T BE POURING YOUR CHEAP-O SUGAR SAUCE ALL O'ER MY WINGS!!!"

Anyway I was so bummed that it turned out to be a yakiniku party instead of what I thought would've been a bbq. I guess they don't do marination here, and they just grill a bunch of stuff like pork and leek and then pour a bottle of sweet-ass sauce all over 'em.

So I know that some men take their grilling seriously. They be grilling, then they be talking business. Serious business. But hearing the conversations that took place over the grill and grilling yesterday made me wanna get grills in my mouth. Gold ones.

  • D1: Let's put the squid!
  • D2: Yeah! Squid sounds good! Doesn't it?
  • D1: Yeah!
  • D2: Oh it looks great. It was a good idea!
  • D1: Yeah it was a good idea, wasn't it?
  • D2: Yeah! Here comes the squid!
  • D1: Here it comes! The squid!
  • D2: Oh it looks good!
  • D1: It does look good!
  • D2: The squid looks good!
  • D1: Yeah! Here it comes!

D1 and D2 consequently drown the grilles squid in sauce.

R.I.P. creatures.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

I like to be in control

I think I do.
That's why I hate flying.
That's why I hate my job.
That's why I think its disrespectful when students in my class are ugly and dumbshyts.

Things that make my eyes roll:

girls in yukata with-
Louis Vuitton bags
Eating McDonald's
Drinking Coke

Gotta get: Tokyo Stories.

Attempting to make: Chocolate Souffle
Will make: Chocolate Souffle with Raspberries, Coconut + Maple Cookies, Macaroons, Chocolate Pistachio Fudge

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh. My. God. Songs that make my eyes roll.

Usher. Gotta love him. Loved him. Can't friggin' decide. I mean, c'mon:

"I wanna make love in this club, yea
In this club, yea, in this club, in this club, yea, in this club
I wanna make love in this club, yea
In this club, yea, in this club, in this club, yea, in this club

You ever made love to a thug
In the club with his sights on
'87 jeans
And a fresh pair of Nikes on"

--- S e r i o u s l y ? ? ?

Mariah Carey... God... no comment on this debauchery on civilization:

"If it's a camera up in here,
Then it's gonna leave with me when I do, I do
If it's a camera up in here,
Then I best not catch it on Youtube, Youtube

Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist, just a little taste
Touch my body, know you like my curves
C'mon and give me what I deserve and touch my body"

Maybe that's why I've put Carly Simon and The Yard Birds on replay. Gotta return to the classics. It's part of Okuyumashii.

And what the hell is Santogold doing on MTV? AAArrrggghhh!!!
*Rips hair from head*


I like it raw, but I like things refined.

That has so got to be my favorite own-quote. Today I had one of them rare experiences where you actually learn something from your students. They taught me the word 奥ゆかしい (okuyukashii), which means to be elegant and modest (or refined). They described this middle-aged lady who looked it and I guarantee you... she does look it. That's gonna be MY word for my lifelong aim of aging gracefully.

I am super glad the storytelling unit is DONE AND OVER WITH!!! You'd be surprised at how many of them I would nominate for the "World's Most Boring ZZZzzzZZZzzz Story." Day in, day out, I hear stories where NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

- I went to Disneyland. It was crowd. I don't like many people. I bought a Pooh-san pencil. It is so cute. I was happy. Finish.

I don't understand why they don't understand the whole concept of STORIES. Have their lives been extremely monotonous to the extent that they DO NOT HAVE ANY stories? Yawn...


Monday, July 7, 2008

Lame Lamas

So I totally love Carly Simon, and I totally digg Mick Jagger. It's lame but I feel bad for likin' both of 'em when people say "You're so vain" is totally about Mick.

Carly rocks.


It had to be done~

Unfortunately, my favorite hair salon had to succumb to the price hike BS. All haircuts (including the blow!) cost a blasphemy-ing ¥5,500 nuggets. "Due to the increase of material costs" they nicely explained on a freaking A4 sized Microsoft Word printed "poster" right where they wash your hair.



Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm in the process of making a mix for my wedding and I'm thinkin', how the hell do I choose 'em? I mean for instance, I like Lyrics Born; he's not too pop-esque mainstream, is he? He was born in Japan, hell i gotta like him. So I test play his song on my ipod and he so wouldn't work. How do I make a mix for my wedding without making it seem like I'm gonna be CD-J-ing for a Valley Girl's Sweet 16 party???

Anyways I totally get what makes me feel all nostalgic about this place called "home." It's the mix of humidity, warm breeze, and the stench of water. Any kind of water-- river, ocean, polluted, stagnant, drain, sewer, you name it.

I saw a homeless dude totally enjoying his peaceful slumber under the highway today. It seemed so liberating to live on the edge. (Edge of the river). Yet people fear not having a shelter over their heads. Fear of the unknown, yada yada yada... too much freedom is bad for you. Or is it?


Saturday, July 5, 2008


So we totally impressed ourselves at wadaiko practice today. Although I can't type for nuts because my fourth finger hurts like a mofo in a tube of jelly. I've been passing out at like 2330 for two nites now like a clinkin' wuss, which probably does not do any good to my digestive system.

A worrying trend about the recent movies we have been renting? Women who have never experienced a single orgasm. Today Andrea & I talked about V.C. Andrews. Maybe those women need to read her books.

I bought an awesome kid's t-shirt from 1988. It has a pink neon t-rex on it an an erupting volcano.

It's too hot and I'm it.


Friday, July 4, 2008

On the News

Patients with Pick Disease on the rise in Japan. It's a brain disorder that causes the worsening of mental abilities. Apparently this dude bought 20 pairs of shoes and 100 ties in 6 months, then shoplifted instant ramen and chocolate from a supermarket before he was diagnosed with this disease. He had no idea why everyone was treating him like a criminal after he was arrested.

I READ on the news today that a dude was arrested for the rape of a JR train employee and attempting to rape another. What was disturbing was that NHK did not mention the word RAPE and simply referred to the case as "sexual assault," which to me, does not even do half the justice. What is sexual assault anyway? A pinch on the B?


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Enough with the indecisiveness. Let's stick to this shyt!

So omfg, I saw an ice-cream truck on the way home, and guess what it sold? Hot dogs! Awesome! Gotta chase me one of them badd boyz!

So, I wonder which is better for the environment when it comes to sending cards or postcards. To save paper by sending them online or to save energy by sending them through snail mail?