Monday, December 22, 2008

Scratch n' Sniff

Scratch n' sniff what? Say whaa?

Panties n' thongs!

If you scratch it in all the right places, it could smell like... cherry ice cream, fortune cookie, lemon lollipop, blueberry muffin, bubblegum, strawberry, cherry pie, chocolate cake... and mystery: stank puss!!!

You can snag them for about 15 stones a piece and size ranges from s-xl.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas List #2.5

Dear Santa,

If the mooning garden gnome I asked for yesterday is too raw for the neighbors, then I ask you to send along with it: Moony Man from Unicharm.

The Cutest Ship

From the makers of your 懐かしい & 美味しい snacks like:

  • カッパえびせん:
  • サッポロポテト:
  • じゃがりこ:
They bring you the most adorably named 499 ton cargo ship that specifically only freights potatoes:

Calbee Potato Maru

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas List #2

Dear Santa,

Could you please get me this gnome for my new balcony garden?


Saturday, December 6, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like


The world of Bollywood. Sundays are reserved for family Bollywood time. Bring out them boxes of kleenex and make tea during their long music videos. Although I must say, this is one thing in life that I will accomplish:

Monday, December 1, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like


Natalie Dee.

Born in Ohio, she publishes a webcomic. Her husband Drew also has his own webcomic, "Toothpaste for Dinner." What's even more awesome is that they two write a collaborative webcomic, "Married to the Sea."

Her stuff is so awesome and cutesy!!!

That's just like moi.

Christmas List #1

Not in any order.
Will post as it comes to mind.
No pressure.
Just a wish list to enjoy.

#1 - Get in Shape Girl.

Freaking awesome! Will definitely inspire me to get in shape, girl. It's pink, it comes with a cassette, a cassette player and the bar which I can attach to my wardrobe door! I would also like the outfits they are wearing for my 80s loving 90s butt. Much more inspiring than my Wii Fit at the moment.

I'm just a mops

There are many things that leave me frustrated and annoyed about this little city called Tokyo. I must admit a lot of it probably stem from comparisons. Comparisons I make to Colombo, comparisons I make with Singapore, and not forgetting the comparisons I make with 昭和 (Showa) Japan of the 80s. My memories of being in Japan in the 80s are scarce, but vivid I must add.

It was awesome being here then... from the toys, to TV, to people watching. Seeing all the crazy rockabillys dancing their hairs off at Yoyogi park, Yankee boys hanging out in the neighborhoods, wild 80s pop looking office ladies... There's lots to blast from the past but here is an awesome link to some 昭和music that I have forgotten about that were pretty much the BGM of my childhood in monthly apartments of Tokyo with my parents.

60s Japanese Garage-Psych

'When I come back to home
My mother says I'm a mops
But I don't care about them
Cause I'm just a mops..."

F-ing brilliant. It's good to know that 40 years since that song, my students still speak like that, although it's unfortunate that they aren't as creative as to write songs like that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Associations in Japan #2

The Pizza Association of Japan.

I found this while I was looking at them pizza crusts at the supermarket. How interesting. It was established about 14 years ago and I guess their purpose statement talks about how they want to improve quality, increase consumption, exchange business information and ideas between pizza-related businesses, and to develop the pizza industry. Currently there are about 39 member companies and these are their symbols:

Their website also talks about the nutritional values of pizzas and the "pizza market."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rascist Eraser

My 16 year old cousin just returned upon her trip to Paaralang Pantao in Quezon City, Philippines. Paaralang Pantao is a free school at the foot of Garbage Mountain and the children around this area are deprived of opportunities and live in poverty. Apparently many of them don't even have a birth certificate.

While I was worried about the 17 year old having to breathe in methane-filled gases in the air, and getting bitten from dengue mosqutioes, among other things, I am glad that she's learned how to bathe, shyt and be, au naturale. Next time Î shall take her camping in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

Anyways, she took awesome pictures and I came across a little picture of those 10cents eraser that we used to have in primary school in Singapore. They measure 3cm x 2cm and there is usually an alphabet with a picture of a word that begins with that letter. Like "A" and then a picture of an apple. However, this eraser on the other hand...

I feel guilty for finding it endearing.

11/8: Tanuki's Day Off

I can't believe I missed Tanuki's Day off!

The town of Shigaraki in Shiga gives Tanuki a break on November 8th. The tanuki is the town's favorite creature, and is the tanuki statue capital of the nation. It is the Tanuki's well-deserved day of rest and relaxation.

The tanuki has been part of Japanese folklore since the ancient days. is a symbol of fortune and good luck and can be seen at the entrances of business establishments. They are reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise but also gullible and absent-minded.These statues often wear big, cone-shaped hats and carry bottles of sake, and an empty purse in the other hand. They have large beer belles and also show humorously large balls, or nutsacks, typically hanging down to the floor.

Organizers chose November 8th for a bunch of reasons. According to Wikipedia, the eight traits of the tanuki are: (1) a bamboo hat that protects against trouble, (2) big eyes to perceive the environment and help make good decisions, (3) a sake bottle that represents virtue, (4) a big tail that provides steadiness and strength until success is achieved, (5) over-sized testicles that symbolize financial luck, (6) a promissory note that represents trust, (7) a big belly that symbolizes bold decisiveness, and (8) a friendly smile.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Stumbled upon this post from izreloaded and I so wanna go! This site that he was talking about features pictures of abandoned amusement parks near Seoul. We are going to Disneyland and Sea from tomorrow and the thought of having to spend a bunch of money that I don't have is giving me a stomachache. Also since the won has dipped so low, I feel we should all just buy that Korean Air ticket to head over there. They all look pretty freaking awesome. I would do the entire tour to forfeit other commercialized theme parks!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cocaine in a Can

Wow... is this forrealz? Has anyone tried this? How much is it? Where is it canned? Wow...just imagine the wonders...

Gender Discrimination

I went to a little store the other day to get me some dessert after lunch. The first thing that caught my eye was Chocopie. Well this time, there was something different about them individually packaged ones. It was dark green and the picture looked うまそう!I had chosen Chocopie for men!!! Hmmm what is that like you ask? It's chocopie with coffee cream and bitter caramel. Anyway the dude beside me was like, "You can't buy that. You're not a man. You gotta get the lady's version." So I looked at the pink packaged Chocopie and it said, "Chocopie for Ladies." The first problem I had with it was that it seemed gross: It's Chocopie with rose flavored cream and rose jam. Yuck. The other problem was how I stopped to question myself it it really was OK for me to get the dude version.

I also remember Pocky doing the same shananigan: Pockymon... no, Men's Pocky
or this site gives you instructions on how to make Men's Pocky with EXTRA NUTS.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


OK, so obviously I'm doing some mega procrastinating. The project is driving me nuts. Anyway back to the subject of Sati's. Sati's Ltd., is a legendary clothing store in the middle of Okinawa Island owned by Paul and Neeta Daswani. Freaking aaawwweeesssooommmeee!

Need two-toned shoes like these?

Need bowler hats like these?

Need zoot suits like these?

Then just head over to Sati's!

Can't fly to Okinawa? No problem! Call or e-mail them! They ship all over the world. And yes, they make ladies' suits, too! They visit Tokyo and Osaka a few times a year--that's where I saw them recently---so it's possible to meet them in those cities, too. They take clients' measurements and ship the suits to them later.
Sati's is closed for renovation between October 27th and November 11th.
Sati's address: 1-Chome 3-50, Uechi Okinawa City
Okinawa, Japan 904-0031
Tel: 098-933-2853
Fax: 098-933-9266

Pictures and information taken from here.

Monsieur Chat

About a year and a half ago, Mister Cat was arrested for tagging a building. He has been tagging places starting from Paris to Geneva and New York for over 10 years, with the most endearing yellow cat with sardonic smile. Personally, I don't think it's fancy graffiti but it would brighten up my day if I saw the cat on the gray walls of asbestos filled buildings in Tokyo. Anyway this former fine arts student actually runs an art workshop for disadvantaged children!

Apparently in the 2002 protests in Paris against the war in Iraq, the cat's image was used in the protesters' placards! A documentary made by French artist Chris Marker entitled Chats Perchés ('The Case of the Grinning Cat') brought international recognition to the yellow cat. Read more about it here.

Now I can't wait to get me a yellow Murphey cat!

Democrat? Republican?

Find out which companies contribute what kinda money to which side here. Some to me were predictable; Chanel in the Republican box, some were surprising; Shiseido (!!!) also in the Republican side, Starbucks in the blue half, and Kellogg's in the middle...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


OMFG. Love them. Get them. Look at them!!! Gotta have 'em! Here!

Burger Rings:

Peanut Necklace:

Dripping Stuff:

Croissant Ring:

Ice-cream Necklace:

And the list goes on. Ahh, all my favorite things in one.

51 Japanese Characters

51 Japanese Characters is a collection of figurines designed by Peter Machat showcasing some of the typical members and cultural phenomena of the society here. They are:

  1. Kaze
  2. Dento
  3. Matsuri
  4. Kannushi
  5. Pachinko
  6. Yakuza
  7. Onsen
  8. Budoka
  9. Ekiin
  10. Cosplay
  11. Irasshaimase
  12. Seppuku
  13. Otaku
  14. Sumo
  15. Okama
  16. Narikin
  17. Noh
  18. Obosan
  19. Ikeike
  20. Parasite Single
  21. Obatarian
  22. Yamamba
  23. Kawaii
  24. Kigurumi
  25. Jukensei
  26. Samurai
  27. Hostess
  28. Geisha
  29. Soap-jo
  30. Bosozoku
  31. Onsen Saru
  32. Oyaji
  33. Host
  34. Enko
  35. Tsukimi
  36. Loose Socks
  37. Office Lady
  38. Yobikomi
  39. Bunraku
  40. Inemuri
  41. Gaijin
  42. Hanami
  43. Yopparai Salaryman
  44. Punk
  45. Fugu
  46. Hikigatari
  47. Kabuki
  48. Chikan
  49. Ninja
  50. Salaryman
  51. Rockabilly
Who do you know? Which one are you? And what do you like?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like


黒人天才 [Kokujin Tensai/ Black Genius]

OMFG. He is brilliant. He is a GENIUS. He is an artist who does rap, hip-hop, and crunk from Memphis with his group. Do not judge until you have seen the boy in action and understand what he's about. Having post-gig drinks with him, this mild mannered, quiet boi ordered himself OJ and says that he started learning Japanese after falling in love with a Japanese exchange student at school.

This song makes me feel proud, and makes me wish I had more freedom to be more "creative" in my English communication lessons. I wanna thank Katoman for bringing him in.

Stimulate me!

I totally dig the Singapore government because they've been giving me wads of cash every year in their version of the economic stimulus package. I opened my bank account there five years ago with only a couple of hundred bucks and last year I checked that account to find that I was lightyears richer that expected. Word on the street is - Mainichi Newspaper that is, says that the government will give out money for permanent residents. Hoorah! Unfortunately, M will not be getting any of it because he is on a spousal visa.

I've been secretly wishing and yearning that the Japanese government would be giving me my share of cash. After all, I am a tax payer, including the dreaded city tax, although I am never paying that crap on time, and I do spend a big chunk of my money shopping around here, so I deservedly feel that I should get a piece of that pie. So I hope this will come true! I do give out birthday presents and christmas presents, so this will definitely help my charitable soul (and wallet) out.

In God we trust, my fingers I cross.

Monday, November 10, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like


I like me a cheezburger.

And... the first Quarter Pounder has opened in Omotesando, Tokyo. The cost of a Quarter Pounder Set is ¥500!
I can't friggin' wait for Burger Fridays to just check that place out. Although, I do love me some Korokke Burger from McD's. Hmmm..... decisions, decisions...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gear Up!

We were walkin' around town today, gearing up for the winter. I lost my scarf last night at the club, and my freakin' gloves have a hole, and it's pretty much jacked up. So I was on a mission to be looking for awesome winter gear. We came across this horrendous, freaky looking, galfanoid earmuffs. Who the F would wear that? It's so freaky!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like


My fascination with The Republic of Bolivia

The women wrestlers:
Cholitas, who usually perform manual labor, train like men, fight like men and beat the men.

Diablada at Carnaval Oruro:
Declared one of Mankind's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2001. The highlight of the Carnival is conducted over three days and nights, with fifty groups parading through the city over a route of four kilometres. The groups represent various indigenous dance forms, and are accompanied by several bands. Over 28000 dancers and 10000 musicians participate in the procession that lasts 20 hours. The dances include Caporales, Diablada, Kantus, Kullawada, Llamerada, Morenada, Potolo, Pujllay, Suri Sikuris, Tinku, Tobas and Waca Waca.

Ecotourism in Bolivia:
Trekking, rafting, take birdwatching and wildlife observation tours, visit ancient ruins like El Fuerte the pre-Colombian fort near Samaipata (the drive to Samaipata itself is well worth a day-trip) and even experience living history in towns like colonial Buena Vista or the Jesuit Missions. Go to Espejillos where there is a series of waterfalls that look like they have been carved out and filled several deep pools as they cascade downward in step-like fashion, each flowing into the next.

Bolivian witchcraft:
In La Paz, they sell dried llama foetus, which apparently brings you good luck. When burnt with herbs and sweets they will bring good luck to businesses. If you put an armadillo over the door, it will ward off thieves. A dried frog augurs wealth is doubly effective if it has a cigarette in its mouth. Also, coca leaves, which are legal, will protect you against bad luck!

A ritual conflict. Men and women dance, drink chicha, and fight until blood stains all on the streets. It is not like boxing, it is more like street brawls. Weapons can include slingshots, boleadoras, clubs, whips, and sometimes horses.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OMFG. So apparently suicide rates are increasing in Japan. I wonder why?

Well if it's kawaii, then it's gotta be good! Yay!

Cheap Shot!

OMG, I really can't be fuct with this whole voting business. Yes, just let me be a hermit. A coconut hermit that is. I obviously can't vote but even if I could, I would go for the Green Party, simply because I like the color green. Nonetheless, I think it is time for change and Obama represents a little bit of you and a little bit of me. I, would never ever ever ever ever ever be voting for McCain. And for these two reasons:


Talk about cheap politics. How immature are those comments? I don't want to have to deal with immature people, immature students, immature boyfriends, immature girl friends, immature idiots, what would happen to the world with immature leaders like that?

Monday, November 3, 2008

What's Up?

Long, long, long, weekend everybody. What's up??? Last day of Bush being in power. Sick of seeing too many Halloween pictures. Sick of this half-cocked internet connection. So here's a triple shot of What's Up!!!

and 8 years later...

and just for giggles...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of my cousins who is flying in today from South America is determined to look for that famed underwear vending machine in god-knows-where. My gut instinct tells me it is to be found in Shinjuku. But then again, who needs that when you have this? Who knows what the story is behind this. But I saw it on my way home from work in the neighborhood mall, bicycle parking area. People of course did their mini little jump, twist around and jumped again to overreact to what they saw. But I just whipped out my phone and snapped a picture. Brilliant.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Approaching Halloween '08

OK so I usually don't give that much of a rat's ass when it comes to halloween but since we have a week off from work and an action packed weekend ahead of us, I decided to dive into the spirit of halloween. We bought a 20 pound pumpkin from the local flower store yesterday for ten stones. I actually hope we could carve it into a kitty home for Dahlia. I of course, will be a flapper from the roarin' 20s and M will be Captain Hat.

Here is a fun animal montage:

Pet Kotatsu

I guess I totally know what to get my cats for xxx'mas this year! The totally awesome Pet Dream Kotatsu! Deluxe version, can you imagine!?!? This means, I get to sit down and spread my legs under the kotatsu much more comfortably and not share any of the heat in winter that I call brutal. This also means a step closer to independence for my kitties.

Now, that would be the case if I believed in giving xxx'mas presents to pets.

Associations in Japan #1

One of the few things that intrigue me about Japan are the associations they have here. From the Trader's Association, to the Western Clothing Association, and to the Accordion Association down the street; you name it, they've sure got it! Today I wish to write about the Japan Toilet Association.

In IHT today was a story about how the Japan Toilet Association is going around schools teaching children about passing motion. These kids are taking poop classes, by a 38 year old dude also known as the "Poop Prince". To them, "glittering poop" means healthy feces and the secret to passing "glittering" stools: drink a glass of water in the morning to wake up the intestines, eat breakfast and exercise. He also teaches about eating bananas, natto fermented soy beans and other fiber-rich food.

Their website boasts information such as "unchi" (shyt) calender, Children's Unchi Information 2007, and a Disaster Toilet Information Network link. And don't forget, November 11th is Toilet Day! I know it all seems rather silly at first but I think it's pretty rad!

Monday, October 27, 2008

100 Stuff Me Like

# 98 White Ninja

I am not a big fan of comics. I don't have anything personal against it but I'm just not too interested in it. Growing up, I only remember buying and reading regular comics like Archie, Mad Magazine, and Gila-Gila. Nonetheless, after being welcomed into the adult world, I started to read and truly enjoy White Ninja.   Plus I am glad that I managed to get M into it too especially since we have completely different humor styles. This one will add the oregano into our marriage.

Butt Crack Detector

So reading one of my favorite blogs izreloaded, I came across his post which talks about the butt crack detector. It is a hip pack that you can wear and it vibrates when your butt crack is exposed. A photoresistor to light is exposed and it triggers a motor to start vibrating to warn you of your semi-indecent exposure. I'm sure we've all experienced this moment at least once, while others have experienced the embarrassing moments of having a picture of our butt cracks taken. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Way To Learn A Language

My tried and tested method.