Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stimulate me!

I totally dig the Singapore government because they've been giving me wads of cash every year in their version of the economic stimulus package. I opened my bank account there five years ago with only a couple of hundred bucks and last year I checked that account to find that I was lightyears richer that expected. Word on the street is - Mainichi Newspaper that is, says that the government will give out money for permanent residents. Hoorah! Unfortunately, M will not be getting any of it because he is on a spousal visa.

I've been secretly wishing and yearning that the Japanese government would be giving me my share of cash. After all, I am a tax payer, including the dreaded city tax, although I am never paying that crap on time, and I do spend a big chunk of my money shopping around here, so I deservedly feel that I should get a piece of that pie. So I hope this will come true! I do give out birthday presents and christmas presents, so this will definitely help my charitable soul (and wallet) out.

In God we trust, my fingers I cross.