Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm just a mops

There are many things that leave me frustrated and annoyed about this little city called Tokyo. I must admit a lot of it probably stem from comparisons. Comparisons I make to Colombo, comparisons I make with Singapore, and not forgetting the comparisons I make with 昭和 (Showa) Japan of the 80s. My memories of being in Japan in the 80s are scarce, but vivid I must add.

It was awesome being here then... from the toys, to TV, to people watching. Seeing all the crazy rockabillys dancing their hairs off at Yoyogi park, Yankee boys hanging out in the neighborhoods, wild 80s pop looking office ladies... There's lots to blast from the past but here is an awesome link to some 昭和music that I have forgotten about that were pretty much the BGM of my childhood in monthly apartments of Tokyo with my parents.

60s Japanese Garage-Psych

'When I come back to home
My mother says I'm a mops
But I don't care about them
Cause I'm just a mops..."

F-ing brilliant. It's good to know that 40 years since that song, my students still speak like that, although it's unfortunate that they aren't as creative as to write songs like that.


victor said...


I need lyric of music I'm just a mops from The Mops, i see you message about this band.

I want sing this song, but i dont have the lyric and not found.

Please... you can help me??

Big hug from Brazil