Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you JUDGE her to be a good LAY?

While doing research for a class discussion paper, I came across many articles that talk about the new lay judge system that will be introduced this year. Come May 21st, the jury system will be implemented nationwide. HAVOC! CHAOS! OMG! A new system! What on earth or how on earth will the people keep up with this? How could anyone possibly think that getting rid of OUTDATED and SLOW processes be good for this "island country?"

Anyways, corporations and companies always seize the opportunity to be selling new useless shyt while crossing their fingers, hope to make heaps of profit off of them from ignorant people. This time, Triumph International tried to provide some eye-candy for the men to celebrate the new jury system. It's called the “Jury System Bra” which was created for the company’s 2009 spring/summer collection.

Hooray for Triumph International for making me chuckle and providing somewhat of an eye-candy for slanted guys. Triumph International Japan annually creates a unique bra to reflect a current social issue. Mayhaps I should start a new blog thread about their "social issue bras." They are expecting the Jury System Bra to raise public awareness of the lay juror system. How about some public awareness for gaijin problems. Hmmm... I could design a face of a white man on my left cup and the face of a black man on my right cup.